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abstractpaper.pdf Assessing the Efficacy of Mobile Computing Platforms in Mathematics Education Via a Mobile Learning Usability Scale26S001
 John Ehrke
abstractpaper.pdf Engaging Students with Their iPad and iPhone Applications25S082
 Christina Gawlik
abstractpaper.pdf Explain Anything with Explain Everything25C022
 Justice-Taylor Baker, Mary Rayappan
 paper.pdf Implementing Technology in the Mathematic Classroom and Its Influence on Pedagogy26S070
 Beth Bos
abstractpaper.pdf iPad Activities for Preservice K-12 Math Teachers26S116
 Christina Gawlik
abstractpaper.pdf Mobile Math Apps: Innovative Smartphone Technology25S064
 Douglas Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz
abstractpaper.pdf Some Innovative Uses for the iPad Inside the Classroom and Out25S029
 John C. D. Diamantopoulos
abstractpaper.pdf The Class App: Surveying our Current Technology and How We Can Combine this Technology into a Single, Powerful Class App for Our Technology Drive, Multitasking Students25A116
 Heather L. Garten
abstractpaper.pdf Visualizing Three-Dimensional Objects in Multivariable Calculus Using 3-D Enabled Handouts26C001
 Przemyslaw Bogacki