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abstractpaper.pdf Hard Calculus Problems Made Easy by the TI-92 Calculator10C008
 David F. Appleyard
abstractpaper.txt MapleCalc07C016
 John J. Avioli
abstractpaper.pdf Meshing Meaningful Student Projects into a Fairly Traditional Calculus Course07C018
 Kemble Yates
abstractpaper.pdf Modified Integration with MAPLE07C025
 Wei-Chi Yang
abstractpaper.html Scientific WorkPlace as a Tool to Evaluate Definite Integral using Trapezoidal Rule09C005
 Seu-Kea Lua, Wai-Har S. Wong
abstractpaper.pdf Some Examples on Using Maple to Increase Students' Understanding of Calculus08C052
 Darlene Wu
abstractpaper.pdf Some Innovative Uses for the iPad Inside the Classroom and Out25S029
 John C. D. Diamantopoulos
abstractpaper.pdf Some Interesting Examples of the Use of Computer Algebra Systems in Introductory Courses07C028
 Abi Fattahi
abstractpaper.pdf Trigonometric Representation of [x]07C026
 David Fung, Steve Ligh