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abstract  A Laboratory Course in Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students07P011
 Holly Hirst
abstractpaper.pdf Algorithmic Homework in Finite Math - What Are the Benefits?17S011
 Janice Epstein
abstractpaper.pdf Descartes Visits Wall Street And Meets The TI-84+ SE: A Financial Journey17W008
 Donna M. Christy
abstractpaper.pdf Exploring Numerical Relationships Through Interactive Numbered Squares of Differing Sizes20S044
 Hui Fang Huang 'Angie' Su, Carol A. Marinas, Chakib Chraibi
abstractpaper.pdf Finite Math on the Web - Core Mathematics Delivered via the Web16S098
 Janice Epstein, Michael S. Pilant
abstractpaper.pdf Infusing Technology into a Variety of Math Courses25C041
 Ron Barnes, Linda Becerra, Nancy Leveille
abstractpaper.pdf Liberal Arts Math for Survival: Internet and Classroom Formats16S101
 Joseph Sukta
abstractpaper.pdf Linear Algebra And Linear Programming In A Finite Mathematics Course19C013
 Peter Staab
abstractpaper.pdf Making Course Management Systems Work for You21S052
 Nathan Borchelt, Mary Hudachek-Buswell, Catherine Matos, Kelli Nipper
abstractpaper.pdf Redesigning Mathematics for the Twenty-first-century Classroom21S047
 Janice Epstein, Jill Zaretsky
 paper.pdf The Use of Spreadsheets in Finite Mathematics01A129
 Stephen D. Comer