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abstractpaper.pdf Cognitive Computer Tools in Undergraduate Calculus: A Qualitative Research Study17S103
 Nathan A. Borchelt
abstractpaper.pdf College Algebra in an Open Classroom Connecting Teachers and Technology09C024
 Margo Alexander
abstractpaper.pdf Interactive Modules for Differential and Integral Calculus of Functions of Many Variables16M002
 Przemyslaw Bogacki, Gordon Melrose
abstractpaper.html Mathcad Activities on Infinite Series and Taylor Polynomials07C021
 Przemyslaw Bogacki
abstract  MathCAD Plus 5.0 In an Introductory Linear Algebra Course07P003
 Przemyslaw Bogacki
abstractpaper.pdf Mathcad's Program Function and Application in Teaching of Math16C029
 De Ting Wu
abstractpaper.pdf Surface Integration Computer Activities in Multivariable Calculus25C019
 Przemyslaw Bogacki
abstractpaper.pdf Teaching and Learning Business Calculus Through Technology17S052
 William L. Blubaugh
 paper.pdf Teaching Numerical Analysis with Mathcad15S088
 De Ting Wu
abstractpaper.pdf Using Technology as a Tool in Abstract Algebra and Calculus Courses: The MTSU Experience07C007
 Vatsala Krishnamani, Dovie Kimmins