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abstractpaper.pdf Paul Abraham12C015
 Using the TI-92+ Calculator as a Tool for Illustrating Programming Concepts
abstractpaper.pdf John Alexopoulos12C016
 Implicit Differentiation on the TI-92+ Calculator as an Illustration of Some Powerful Programming Features
abstractpaper.pdf Philip Anderson, Carl R. Seaquist12C018
 Using StarLogo to Introduce Differential Equations
abstractpaper.pdf Paul Bouthellier20S006
 Using Numerical Approximations and Modeling to Create a Graphing Calculator in Flash
abstractpaper.pdf Jeff Graham09C006
 Using Visual Basic to Create a Graphical User Interface for Matlab
abstractpaper.pdf Curt Jones, Lisa A. Lister, John Polhill16S031
 Recruiting Students in Computer Science and Mathematics through High School Programming and Mathematics Contests
abstractpaper.html Thomas LoFaro, Kevin Cooper09P011
 IDEA: Internet Differential Equations Activities
 paper.pdf Umesh P. Nagarkatte, Shailaja U. Nagarkatte01A214
 Two and Three Dimensional BASIC Graphics Programming and Its Uses
 paper.pdf David Nawrocki26S075
 VBA Programming Techniques in Operations Research
abstractpaper.pdf David Nawrocki17C024
 VBA Programming Techniques in Excel for a Cross Discipline Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Course
abstractpaper.pdf David Nawrocki20S077
 Using Mathematica to Solve the Lights Out Game
 paper.pdf Mike O'Leary, Shiva Azadegan15S175
 Developing Computer Simulations Using Object-Oriented Programming. The Three-Body Problem: A Case Study
 paper.pdf Jerry W. Phillips01A224
 A General Education Course: Mathematics, BASIC Programming, and Computer Literacy
 paper.pdf Boris D. Rakover01A228
 The Impact of Computer Programming on Teaching Collegiate Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf G. Boyd Swartz12P012
 Microsoft COM for Complex Variables
abstract  G. Boyd Swartz07P023
 Faculty Training in Visual Basic Application to Teach Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Alexander Vaninsky19C033
 Using Board Games Object-Oriented Programming For Teaching Mathematics
abstractpaper.pdf Agnes A. Wieschenberg12C027
 Logic via Computer Programming
abstractpaper.pdf De Ting Wu16C029
 Mathcad's Program Function and Application in Teaching of Math
 paper.pdf Daniel S. Yates01A291
 Teaching Numerical Analysis in a Small College Environment