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abstractpaper.pdf Julie Belock16S092
 Gaming Simulations in Probability
abstractpaper.pdf Karen Benbury13P002
 How Many Heads in a Row Is Enough? Analyzing Runs with the TI-83+
abstractpaper.pdf Paul Bouthellier, Melanie Anderson19C016
 The Buffon Needle Problem Generalized
abstract  Vince DeBlase, Sharon Wagner07P006
 Statistics and Probability Interactive
 paper.pdf Joel C. Fowler26S126
 Turning Technology Loose on Variations of the Birthday Problem
abstractpaper.pdf Joel C. Fowler24S085
 Investigating the St. Petersburg Paradox with Maple
abstractpaper.pdf Joel C. Fowler21S006
 Using Maple to Explore the Runs-of-Heads Coin Tossing Problem
 paper.pdf Joel C. Fowler27A016
 Attacking Variations of the Coupon Collector Problem with Maple
abstractpaper.pdf Laurie Huffman24C045
 Using Technology to Support the Transition to a Project-based Statistics Course
abstractpaper.pdf Michael Jaye, Robert Burks22S080
 A Dynamical System Model of Information Operation Effects
abstractpaper.pdf Lisa Elaine Marano17S029
 Introducing Topology Through Simulations Of Knot Tying And Band Forming Activities
abstractpaper.pdf Jean McGivney-Burelle17C011
 Stimulating Simulating with the TI-83+: Lessons for Preservice Teachers From a Mathematics Course
 paper.pdf James M. Meehan01A202
 The Instructional Use of Simulation of Random Experiments
abstractpaper.pdf Allan Struthers20S102
 Radioactive Decay: Data Collection and Analysis of a Real Poisson Process
abstractpaper.pdf Joseph Sukta20S059
 Real-Life Projects for Student Assessment in General Education Mathematics
abstract  Peter Tannenbaum07P024
 Mathematica Labs for Probability Theory