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Calculus@UTK is the web-based collection of notes and other relevant information, examples, and suggestions for students in Calculus 141-142. All pages are organized according to the table of contents of the studentís textbook. To reach this table of contents, go to for Calculus 141, and for Calculus 142.

One way of proceeding is to click on the individual sections. Another means is by clicking on the green button that says 141 Syllabus, which shows sections and problem numbers at a glance. Within each page, these recommended textbook problems are listed. By using the arrows in the green boxes on the left side of the screen, students can move forward or backward through the sections. Under the list of recommended problems is the title "Additional Material for Students." This is an easy way to access the valuable information provided on these web pages. Under this section, students will find extra notes for each chapter, sample drill problems, and interactive graphs and computer programs. The corresponding notes are helpful as an additional reference to the textbook, NOT as a replacement. Working through the drill problems is the best way to get extra practice. ALL drill problems include step-by-step solutions; if the student gets the wrong answer, he can check where the mistake was made. Also included on these web pages are many interactive javascripts and other math programs. For those seeking to understand the "bigger picture," these examples are an excellent way of reinforcing what the book has taught, but in a much different sense. And for those interested in using the math programs, many of the sample problems include detailed instructions. On several pages, there are instructions for usage of various TI-85 and TI-86 graphing calculator functions as related to the particular sections.

By now the student has noticed many animated notes and pictures on these web pages. There are several plug-ins available for free in order to access these notes. For related information, go to

A different method of proceeding is to go to Here, the student will find a table of contents under which sections are organized by topic. Clicking on a topic brings up a large collection of links to pages containing all the relevant information. Students can scan this list for the notes they are looking for. These lists are organized into tutorials (animated notes), interactive materials, example problems, drill problems, computer programs and calculator instructions, and reference materials. They are accessible by scrolling down the list, or clicking one of the green boxes on the left side of the screen.

Taking advantage of these pages is a MUST! For any student enrolled in Calculus 141 or 142, this is invaluable information located within easy access. In addition to reading the book and taking notes on class lectures, studying the tutorials on these pages directly reinforces the studentís understanding. And in addition to homework, the drill problems provide an easy way to practice the concepts learned. However, these pages may prove most helpful in studying and preparing for tests. Students can access specific information, when help is needed in certain areas, or they can simply browse through all sections for a good review. And thus, working drill problems and examining sample graphs and pictures helps in priming for tests. Much time and effort have been put into these pages; for a student to not make use of them would be to their disadvantage.

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This page was written by Suzanne Cada.