Using the TI-86 graphing calculator, give numerical evidence to evaluate


  1. Enter the function: Y = (x^2-1)/(x^2+1) and press the ENTER key.
  2. Press 2nd MATH and pick MISC by pressing F5.
  3. Press F3 to enter seq. Continue to enter the command:

    seq(10^I, I, 0, 10, 1) STO x

    and press the ENTER key.

  4. This creates a list of x-values:

    {1 10 100 1000 ... 10000000000}

    which are the powers, 10I, for I = 0, 1, ..., 10.

  5. Press the EXIT key twice.
  6. Type Y and press the ENTER key. On the screen you will then see the list of corresponding y-values using the function you entered above. It appears that the limit is 1.
  7. If you want to round the numbers to fewer decimal places, press the 2nd MATH key again followed by F1 to pick NUM.
  8. Press F1 to pick round and complete the command

    round(2nd ANS, 4)

    and press the ENTER key to round to four decimal places.

    This page was constructed with the help of Chris O'Brien.