Given the family of functions

f(x) = |2a - x|

with parameter a, draw the graphs for the parameters a = 0, 1, ..., 4.

Using Derive,

  1. Prepare the program for graphics.
  2. If the first menu item is Algebra then press .
  3. Press for Author.
  4. Enter the family of functions
    vector(abs(2 a - x), a, 0, 4)
  5. Press to Expand the expression.
  6. Press twice to get the graph.
  7. If necessary, we will need to zoom in or out to get a good view of the graphs. To zoom in or out, press .
  8. We are now given the choice whether to zoom in or out and whether to do this just on the x-axis, y-axis or both. Use the spacebar to choose among the latter three options. Press to make a choice between zooming in or out. Again, pressing lets you pick one of these two choices.
  9. Press .
  10. Repeat the previous three steps if necessary.