Introduction to Functions

Tutorial which is an introduction to functions including the four representations of a function, domain, and range.

Piecewise Defined Functions

Tutorial on piecewise defined functions.

Even and Odd Functions

Tutorial on even and odd functions.


Tutorial on polynomial functions.

Rational Functions

Tutorial on rational functions.

Geometric Transformations of Functions

Tutorial on the translation, compression, stretching and reflection of graphs of functions.

Algebra of Functions

Composition of Functions

Tutorial on the composition of functions.

Trigonometric Functions

Exponential Functions

Tutorial on exponential functions.

Inverses of Functions

Tutorial on inverses of functions.


Tutorial on logarithms.

Parameters and Functions

Tutorial on familes of functions with parameters.

Parametric Equations

Tutorial on parametric equations.

Polar Coordinates

Tutorial on polar coordinates.

Graphing with Technology

Tutorial on how computer programs and graphing calculators plot the graphs of functions and some of the problems that this method of plotting has.

Solving Equations

Tutorial on finding the intersections of the graphs of two functions.

Curve Fitting

Tutorial on curve fitting.

Conic Sections