Using Derive, graph the following function

There is a built-in function which will let us construct the function f.

  1. Prepare the program for graphics.
  2. If the first menu item is Algebra then press .
  3. Press for Author.
  4. Enter the first function

    (-3-x) chi(-inf,x,-2) + 2 x chi(-2,x,2) + (x^2-4x+3) chi(2,x,inf)

  5. Press twice to get the graph.
  6. Depending upon whether we had used graphics earlier, we may need to zoom in or out to get a better picture of the graph. To zoom out, press , press , change the direction to out, if necessary, by pressing the and now press .
  7. If necessary to zoom in or out some more, press as many times is needed to see a "complete" graph.