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 Welcome to othello (, FTP and Gopher server 
 for the the METRIC Project.

 For Gopher access, connect to 
 ( on port 70.
 We can be reached on the World-Wide-Web, at URL

 For latest info check the file README-UPDATE in this directory.

 To download the Mathematica programs for our book "Experiments
 in Undergraduate Mathematics", go to the directory 
   pub/packages/book/ .

 This server is MIRRORED at in directory
   software/multi-platform/trans_math_proj/ .

 Binary files:
  Note that .EXE, .ZIP, .Z and .gz (compressed) files must be 
  transferred in BINARY mode. Type "bi" at the ftp> prompt,
  or set the right option for your gopher/WWW client. 

 For difficulties with ftp/gopher/WWW, email .

 If you are interested in our work, send us your email address; 
 we issue regular newsletters. 

 The METRIC Project
 Mathematics Department
 Imperial College
 London SW7 2BZ.

 Tel: +44 (0)171 594 8503 
 Fax: +44 (0)171 594 8517 

 If you couldn't read all the above, get the file README now.