Installing MuPAD 1.3.0

Install MuPAD as described in the file COPYING and come back to this description. Also refer to COPYING for additional information about registration, trouble shooting, etc.

After unpacking has been completed, for MuPAD 1.3.0 must be configured. The most important variable is MuPAD_ROOT_PATH, which defines the MuPAD root directory. Environment variables used by MuPAD are:

  MuPAD_ROOT_PATH -- root directory of the MuPAD system.
  SHLIB_PATH      -- X11/XView libraries on HP-UX
  LD_LIBRARY_PATH -- X11/XView libraries on other systems
  FONT_PATH       -- directory of the fonts for the help system
  PATH or path    -- command search path.
  LW_PRINTER      -- name of a Postscript-printer. 
  PAGER	          -- pager (ie. less) used to display the help pages in a
                     MuPAD terminal session. If not set, more is used.
  MANPATH         -- search path for man pages.
  PREVIEWER       -- previewer (i.e. xv or xloadimage) used to display
                     GIF-pictures in MuPAD's on-line manual. If not set, 
                     /usr/local/X11/bin/xv is used.
In any case you have to specify MuPAD_ROOT_PATH, FONT_PATH and you have to extend the command search path (path or PATH)! Add the following lines to your .cshrc if you use csh or tcsh:
     # MuPAD environment (csh, tcsh)
     setenv MuPAD_ROOT_PATH /usr/local/MuPAD
     setenv FONT_PATH ${MuPAD_ROOT_PATH}/share/doc/hytex/fonts
     setenv MANPATH   ${MuPAD_ROOT_PATH}/share/doc/man:${MANPATH}
     set path = ( ${MuPAD_ROOT_PATH}/share/bin $path )
Add the following lines to your .profile if you use a sh, ksh or bash:
     # MuPAD environment
     export MuPAD_ROOT_PATH
     export FONT_PATH
     export MANPATH
     export PATH
Remember that the directory /usr/local/MuPAD serves only as an example and must be substituted by the MuPAD root directory in which the MuPAD system is installed.

After your next login or after you have "sourced" (e.g. source .cshrc) the additional lines you can start MuPAD with the commands mupad (terminal version) or xmupad (graphic version).

Author: MuPAD-Webmaster
Last Update: 12. Feb. 1998