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"An interactive text is a computer document from which symbolic, numerical, and graphic tools can be invoked. The results of these computations can be pasted into the document so that each learner has an individual record of his or her explorations."

This is a quote from 'Why Interactive Texts,' an outgrowth of the Interactive Mathematics Text Project (IMTP), which "has as its fundamental tenet the belief that interactive texts provide an environment in which students can fruitfully engage and explore mathematics."

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Abstracts of Interactive Mathematics Texts Project (IMTP) projects

A complete list of abstracts are available on the IMTP gopher page.

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Common platforms/packages used for writing Interactive Texts

This list points to the home page of the vendor, whenever possible. The operating system(s) under which the software runs is included in parentheses.

(Note: versions are not necessarily uniform across a platform)
Software and Platform Availability
Software Macintosh DOS Windows Unix others
Mathematica check here
Maple check here

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