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A computer-based teaching tool for statistical concepts

Robert A. Wolfe
Department of Biostatistics
School of Public Health
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Statutor is designed to simplify the learning and teaching of statistical concepts, especially those related to sampling distributions based on sampling from a population. The program integrates the display of explanatory text with graphic displays to show the essential components of several sampling experiments.

Specific topics that are included in the demonstrations include:

  1. . Sampling variability of the sample mean
  2. . Central Limit Theorem
  3. . Confidence intervals for the mean
  4. . Correlation coefficients
  5. . Explained sum of squares and residual variation in regression
  6. . Variability of the sample regression line
  7. . Confidence and prediction bands for the regression line
With an understanding of these sampling experiments, the student will be better prepared to move on to the details of statistical computation and inference that comprise the bulk of the curriculum in many statistics courses. These demonstrations are not designed to replace the content of a traditional statistics course and some of the concepts presented in these demonstrations may be difficult for a student who is not concurrently studying statistics. Statutor is designed to complement a more complete presentation of statistical instruction.
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Look at the readme file from the program.