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KWIKSTAT Statistical Data Analysis

PO Box 1169
Cedar Hill, Texas 75106-1169

KWIKSTAT 4.0 performs data analysis for scientific and business data. It was a 1992 SIA winner, was created by and is maintained and supported by professional statistical consultants. Includes tutorials and help on "How to select the proper procedure to use." Uses dBASE III and IV files, can import ASCII, comma delimited and 1-2-3 files. Windows-like menu interface. Data analysis procedures include descriptive statistics, t-tests, chi-square, analysis of variance with multiple comparisons, simple and multiple regression, graphs, crosstabulations, non-parametric procedures, life tables, survival analysis and more. Graphs include histograms, barcharts, scatterplots, time series plots and more. Noted author Michael Callahan calls it "The Ultimate in Statistics, no program I've seen beats KWIKSTAT." PC Week calls it the "Numbers Game Winner." Author John Sweeny says, "KWIKSTAT is God's answer to SPSS. It's simple to use, fast, cheap and powerful." Shareware package.

Support: Registered user receives 3 months phone support, Compuserve support on 70721, 3145. Receives latest version, a 300+ page printed manual, newsletter, information on upgrades and on other products.

Requires: Hard Disk (requires about 2M.) Requires 512K RAM. EGA or VGA or higher required. Can run in a DOS window using MS Windows 3.1.

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Download [1397 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.

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