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John Kennedy
Mathematics Department
Santa Monica College
1900 Pico Blvd.
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The GALTON program was designed to simulate an experiment in mathematical probability. The idea is derived from a board which contains several rows of staggered but equally spaced nails, named after its inventor, Francis Galton (1822-1911). Objects are dropped across this board and stack up in collection bins at its bottom. The user can control the left-right probabilities and can observe either coins or ping-pong balls in conjunction with the board. Given the correct parameters, you can visually see how nature produces the binomial coefficients from Pascal's Triangle and their relation to a Gaussian bell-shaped normal curve. The program can also simulate coin tossing experiments with biased coins which result in skewed distributions. This program requires some form of graphics such as CGA or EGA or VGA hardware. The program automatically adapts to the highest graphics resolution of the hardware it finds. There is an independent tutorial file, GALTON.TXT, which is for first-time users. GALTON.TXT may be imported into any word processor and/or printed on any printer.

(from galton.abs)

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