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Pieter Wesseling
Faculty of Technical Mathematics and Informatics
Delft University of Technology
2600 GA Delft, The Netherlands

MGLAB.FOR is a tutorial multigrid program. It solves elliptic boundary values in one dimension. The user may choose various multigrid cycles, transfer operators, smoothing methods, and nested iteration end defect correction. Cell-centered and vertex-centered discretization and multigrid is included. Documentation is included in the program. The program is written in portable FORTRAN-77, and has run on MS-DOS PC's and Unix mainframes. The methods used are fully described in the following book: An Introduction to Multigrid Methods, Wiley, Chichester, 1992 by P.Wesseling.

  • MGLAB.FOR is the FORTRAN source of the tutorial multigrid program.
  • MGLAB.DAT is an example of an input file.
  • MGLAB.RES is the corresponding output.
Download mglab.tar.Z [46 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.