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Dr. David E. Hess
4998 B5 Dorsey Hall Drive
Ellicott City, MD 21042

This program was developed for use with the ongoing Compliant Surface Program in the Fluid Flow Group; this group is a part of the Process Measurements Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Analogue data is collected and digitized with an A/D converter. Having then a collection of digitized time series which reside in the computer, this program calculate amplitude density, autospectral (power) density and cross-spectral density functions from these input time series. The resulting frequency (or wavenumber) data are useful in many engineering fields. The program is written in FORTRAN and will run on any (286 or better) PC. The program is accompanied by a 73-page user manual and a 19-page update. The source code and a variety of utility programs are also included. The program has been extensively tested and the author believes it to be bug-free. The source code is well documented and many of the techniques employed may be found in the excellent book: Random Data, 2nd Ed., Bendat & Piersol, Wiley, 1986.

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Look at the readme file from the program.