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C. Batut, D. Bernardi, H. Cohen and M. Olivier
(Ported to MSDOS and OS/2 by
Fernando Q. Gouvea

(IMPORTANT: This port of GP-PARI is NOT supported by the authors.)

PARI is a system for high speed, high precision calculation. It was designed for mathematicians doing research in number theory, but may be useful to others who have a need for computations of this type. Included are functions to work with polynomials, matrices, vectors, sums, products, power series, etc.

There is extensive documentation in TeX format.

This is a port of the gp-pari system using Eberhard Mattes' emx development package for OS/2 and DOS. It is in no way supported by Henri Cohen or the other authors of gp-pari. This port requires at least a 386 processor and a 387 coprocessor (or a 486DX) to run. It will run under DOS 3.3 or higher, and under OS/2 2.0 or higher. Under DOS, it does not support DPMI, and hence does not run under Microsoft Windows.

PARI includes a library of C functions and a standalone front end, the GP calculator. This archive includes a compiled version of GP.EXE and the full source for the library. (To be precise, this is the source for the "portable" version of the system; we have not included those files specific to other systems, such as the files using the 68020 assembly language.) There should be no difficulty in using the library with emx and the gcc compiler.

This version of GP is offered with no guarantees whatsoever, and no promise of support.

(modified from the README.1ST file)
Download [824 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.