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Maple is an essential tool for anyone who needs to use or study mathematics. The demo on this disk will give you a glimpse of a few of the over 2000 Maple functions and what they can do for you. To run the demo on your computer, you will need an 80386 or 80486 based personal computer with 2MB or more memory and a CGA, EGA, VGA, or Hercules display adapter (for the graphics commands only). When you first start the Maple Demonstration, a copyright message and ordering information window will appear on your screen. After you have read the copyright notice, you can press one of two keys to begin. If you press Enter, the demo will automatically type in the examples for you. If you press the Space bar instead, the demo will run just like a full Maple session; you type the commands you want to execute. In either case, you will be dealing with a real subset of Maple. This is NOT a recorded demo. The time it takes to solve each problem is the same as a full version of Maple would require to solve the same problem on your machine. Note that the Demonstration version of Maple contains only those portions of Maple necessary to run the Maple commands used in this Tour.

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Look at the readme file from the program.

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