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Dr. Keith Matthews
Department of Mathematics
University of Queensland
Brisbane Q4072
CMAT is a matrix calculator program. Calculations can be performed on matrices with complex rational coefficients (cmatcr.exe), using exact arithmetic routines (cmatr), as well as on matrices with elements mod p, p prime (cmatm.exe). The program can handle integers of arbitrary size. Some of the routines available: addition, complex-conjugate transpose, scalar multiplication, multiplication, exponentiation, Kronecker product, evaluating matrix polynomials at a square matrix, elementary row and column operations, inverse, adjoint, determinant, characteristic polynomialand minimum polynomial, P^(-1)AP, the Cholesky decomposition of a positive definite matrix, dot product, length and using the Gram-Schmidt process to find an orthogonal basis for the column-space of a matrix, the Smith canonical form of a matrix B with polynomial entries, etc.

In addition, polynomial routines are available including: addition, subtraction, multiplication, scalar-multiplication, exponentiation, derivative, evaluation, quotient, remainder, greatest common divisor, expressing the gcd as a linear combination of the polynomials involved, square-free decomposition, the resultant of two polynomials, the discriminant of a polynomial, the Berlekamp matrix of a squarefree polynomial mod p, factorization of polynomials with rational, complex rational or mod p coefficients into irreducibles, etc.

(modified from the documentation)

Download [550 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program or the information file provided by the author.


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