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John P. Arkins
54 Pearl Street
New Hyde Park, NY 11040 - 3814

Science/Engineering curve fitting program. Performs 19 distinct curve fits:

  • Linear, Quadratic and Polynomial Fits
  • Exponential and Modified Power Fit
  • Root, Modified Hoerl and Modified Exponential Fit
  • Cauchy and Reciprocal Quadratic Fit
  • Inverse and Hyperbolic Fit
  • Reciprocal line and Reciprocal Quadratic Fits.
  • Hoerl and Gamma Fit
Automatically selects best fits based on correlation coefficient and standard error. Built in text file conversion. Mouse Driven. Can handle virtually unlimited number of data points. Graph & Zoom capability. Shareware package.
(Modified from documentation)
Download [168 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.