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Novosibirsk Division of the
Russian Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence.
630090, Russia, Novosibirsk,
pr. ak. Lavrent'eva, 6,
UniCalc is a solver for mathematical problems using novel mathematical tools for calculations. This approach makes it possible to solve principally new classes of problems and to obtain new results for problems solved with standard methods of calculations.

UniCalc is intended to solve direct and inverse problems represented by systems of algebraic and differential equations, inequalities and logic expressions. The system may be overdetermined or underdetermined, and the system's parameters can be given imprecisely. UniCalc allows calculations to be performed both with integers and real variables that may be mixed in the system. As a result of calculations, a set of intervals containing all real solutions of the system is found.

This is a demo-version of the UniCalc solver. It has all features of the full version of UniCalc but allows to solve only small problems. A problem to be solved can involve up to five variables and up to ten expressions (equations, inequalities, etc.).

(extracted from the documentation)
Download [206 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.