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Compound Interest Loan Program

John Kennedy
Mathematics Department
Santa Monica College
1900 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

The LOAN program was designed to be part of a financial program that handles the two standard cases of compound interest. Either a lump sum or a series of periodic constant payments may be considered to earn compound interest. This program works with the 5 standard financial variables n, i, PV, FV, PMT and can calculate these in any meaningful combination. n is the number of compounding time periods. i is the periodic interest rate. PV, FV, and PMT represent the Present Value, Future Value, and periodic payment amounts in terms of dollars. When working with loans this program can also print out a complete amortization schedule for the loan with any specified beginning and ending periods. For any series of payments this program will calculate and display the payment number, the amount of the payment that goes to interest and the amount that is applied to the principle and the new remaining balance. The amortization schedules may be saved in disk files or printed on a printer. The program can also make interest earning schedules for one- time lump sum deposits that earn compound interest. A third type of interest earning schedule is for a series of periodic payments. For each kind of interest earning schedule the program shows how the interest and remaining balance grow as a function of time. This program works in a text display mode only and does not require any graphics hardware. There is an independent tutorial file, LOAN.TXT, which is for first-time users. LOAN.TXT may be imported into any word processor and/or printed on any printer.

(from loan.abs)
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