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SymbMath: A Symbolic Calculator with Learning

Dr. Weiguang HUANG
Dept. Analytical Chemistry
University of New South Wales
Kensington, Sydney, NSW 2033, Australia

SymbMath, (an abbreviation for Symbolic Mathematics), is not only a symbolic calculator but also an expert system that can solve symbolically mathematical problems. SymbMath performs symbolic formula, as well as exact numeric computation. It can manipulate complicated formulas and return answers in terms of symbols, formulas and exact numbers, not just floating-point numbers. Its capabilities include facilities to provide analytical and numerical answers for: Differentiation, Integration, Solution of equations, Manipulation of expressions, Calculation, Limits, Chemical calculation, Taylor series, lists, arrays, vectors, matrices, sum, product, etc. This is a shareware version of a more powerful package available from the author.

(adapted from SYMBMATH.TXT)
Download [391 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.