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P.G.Akishin, A.P.Sapoznikov
LCTA,JINR, Dubna,Russia.

The main problem for programmers working witn large matrices is how to keep them in computer's memory. Being written in a disk-storage, matrix involves a lot of disk exchanges, because all Matrix-Algorithms use it "row-by-row" and "column-by-column" at the same time. Here we're proposing an original modification of known Gauss method for pivot element elimination that uses internal rows-transposition-vector and works with matrix strictly "col-by-col".

Our algorithm factorizes the source matrix so that created factor-matrix may be used several times for quick solution of Linear System with any Right Parts.

LGSOLV consist of several FORTRAN-written functions, described in README.DOC file. The file DEMOTEST.EXE is given as example of using LGSOLV.

This is shareware.

(modified from lgsolv1.inf)
Download [58 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.