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Algebraic Manipulation Program
Mark Garber
Cerebral Software
P.O. Box 80332
Chamblee, Georgia 30366
Ph (404)-452-1129

AMP 3.0 is a symbolic calculation tool for students, teachers, and professionals in engineering or mathematical sciences. AMP allows the user to edit and simplify numerous expressions or equations in a mathematical derivation quickly and accurately.

AMP functions in an interpreter mode and program mode. In the interpreter mode you may manipulate up to 128 expressions, equations or inequalities. In the program mode you have access to a combination screen editor and compiler so that you may define procedures using the same type statements that you use in the interpreter mode. Errors are displayed with the cursor positioned at the offending statement.

AMP facilitates tensor manipulation using index notation. Tensor elements may be simple numbers or complex expressions : elements which are expressions are simplified by AMP. Tensors whose components are relations may also be defined. A special case of tensor manipulation is matrix multiplication.

AMP is language driven and interactive. You input a command line telling AMP what to do. AMP then echoes the results to the screen. There are commands which allow you to direct results of a derivation to the printer. Expressions and equations may be saved to the disk and then later recalled.

This is shareware; full version package available from address above.

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Download [219 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.