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Zurk's Rainforest Lab

Soleil Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 50664
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Zurk's Rainforest Lab presents a variety of early learning activities centered in a Central American rainforest. Five activities begin from the Mercado or marketplace. In the "Egghunt" twelve eggs are hidden in three levels of the rainforest. The first few eggs are obvious, but the game quickly becomes more challenging. Clicking an animal in the "Jungle Discovery" section opens a window of text with optional narration. Students can use a camera button to take pictures for viewing in the "Photo Album." Each page of the album holds two pictures and space for text entry. Zurk spins a sorting machine in "Seek and Sort," where students click and drag 15 animals into appropriate categories. The sorter can be set to spin at three different speeds. A graphing function monitors progress. "Pattern Puzzles" has six geometric shapes that are rotated and fitted into various patterns. Each section is preceded by a riddle, with the answer provided when users exit the activity. Work created in several activities can be printed.

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