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Animated Money

Tom Guthery IV
601 Ranch Road
DelValle, TX 78617

Animated Money is a program for teaching coin recognition. There are three types of games. First, a money recognition game where the child matches the coin to it's amount, both the front and back of the coins are used. The other two games have levels of difficulty that can be adjusted to the child's needs. One game has the child match a group of coins to it's amount (2 dimes and a nickel matched to 25 cents), the other game matches equivalent groups of coins (2 dimes and a nickel matched to 1 dime, 2 nickels and 5 pennies, for instance). Context sensitive help is available for the boxes with coins in them which shows the cumulative values of each group of coins (but does not add them all up - that is left to the child).

(taken from READ.DOC)
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Look at the readme file from the program.