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Windows plotting and curve fitting software

William G. Hood
711 Mitchell
Conway, Arkansas 72032 (USA)

WPLOT is a Windows program that plots two and three-dimensional data. Up to 250 sets of data can be plotted on the same 2-Dimensional plot using either one or two vertical axes. There can be up to 16000 data points per data set. Each data set can be plotted as a line plot, a smooth curve plot, a scatter plot, a step plot or a histogram. Multiple data sets can also be plotted as a 3-Dimensional plot. The plot can have linear or log axes with auto or manual scaling. Two-Dimensional plots can also have cumulative normal probability axes, error bars and descending as well as ascending axes. Data can be fit by a smooth curve or a least squares polynomial or exponential. The Fast Fourier Transform can be used to fit the data with a discrete Fourier series and the magnitudes of the FFT coefficients can be plotted. Mathematical transformations of the data can be performed by entering equations that operate on one or more data sets. Functions can be evaluated and plotted. An auxiliary program, WFIT, can fit a nonlinear function to data and use WPLOT to plot the fit. This is shareware.

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Download [148 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program