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Timothy Harris
5 Burnham Park Road

With CAL, the user can draw a large number of "fractals" which has appeared in popular mathematics literature. This program is well-known for the quickness of the drawing of the Mandelbrot set. The list of fractal types from the program is: Bifurcation diagram, Chaotic dynamic systems, Composite fractal image, Diffusion fractal, Flip-Mandelbrot/Julia Set, Gingerbread person, Gumowski and Mira Attractor, Henon attractor, Hopalong, Iterated function system (IFS), L-System (Lindemayer Systems), Landscape, Life algorithm, Logistic Equation, Lorenz attractor, Lyapunov space, Mandelbrot/Julia Set, Newton's method (solving Z^n-1=0), Quaternion Julia sets, Sierpinski gasket, Symmetrical attractors, User defined formulae, Ushiki's Phoenix.

There is extensive on-line documentation. contains three additional demo files for CAL. You need to be careful when you unzip this file since it can overwrite three files with the same name contained in

Download [368 KB].

Download [351 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.