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Timo Salmi
Professor of Accounting and Business Finance
Faculty of Accounting and Industrial Management
University of Vaasa
P.O.BOX 297, SF-65101 Vaasa, Finland

LINSOLVE solves linear programming ('LP') problems interactively. LINSOLVE can also be used to solve linear GOAL programming problems. For more details, look at the readme file. The current maximum capacity of a registered program is 120 decision variables, 80 constraints, and 10 objectives. The public domain version will not handle more than 25 decision variables. LINSOLV40.EXE is a 40 column mode of LINSOLVE which can be used with an overhead projector in a classroom setting.

You give your problem in an 'as is' facsimile format from a file or keyboard. The program will ask your choices for the options available. You have the choice of maximizing or minimizing, and even printing out the Simplex-tableaux should you so wish. LINSOLVE optionally performs a sensitivity analysis on the coefficients of the objective function, and the right-hand sides of the constraints.

LINSOLVE applies the two-stage Simplex-method.

(adapted from the documentation)
Download [114 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.