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J. L. Buchanan
United States Naval Academy

MDEP is a program developed at the United States Naval Academy for use in differential equations and other applied mathematics courses. It provides:

  1. Plotting of explicit solutions to differential equations that are obtained analytically.
  2. Contour plotting of implicit solutions.
  3. Plotting of approximate solutions to differential equations obtained by any of four numerical methods.
  4. Plotting of solutions to systems of differential and difference equations either against the time parameter or against each other.
  5. Graphing of difference equations either in "staircase" form or against the index.
  6. Graphing of functions defined by Fourier series.
  7. Numerical integration and root-finding.
(from the Manual which is available from the author)
Download [300 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.

Look at the citations for published reviews of the program.

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