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COMPLEX ANALYSIS: Maple Worksheets
COMPLEX ANALYSIS: Mathematica Notebooks

Prof. John H. Mathews
Department of Mathematics
California State University Fullerton
Fullerton, CA 92634

Prof. Russell W. Howell
Mathematics & Computer Science Dept.
Westmont College
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Complimentary software to accompany the textbook:

COMPLEX ANALYSIS: for Mathematics & Engineering
3rd Ed, 1997, ISBN: 0-7637-0270-6
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc.

You need to use F(Z) - The Complex Variables Program, Maple or Mathematica to run these files.

Chapter Headings:

  1. Complex Numbers
  2. Complex Functions
  3. Analytic and Harmonic Functions
  4. Sequences, Series, and Julia and Mandelbrot Sets
  5. Elementary Function
  6. Complex Integration
  7. Taylor and Laurent Series
  8. Residue Theory
  9. Conformal Mapping
  10. Applications of Harmonic Functions
  11. Fourier Series and the Laplace Transform

You can copy this software for courses using the text mentioned above at your institution.

  • Download F(Z) files [103 KB].

  • Download Maple Worksheets [189 KB].

  • Download Mathematica Notebooks [205 KB].

  • Other Internet Resources:

  • Information on f(z)
  • Information on book