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Algebra Editor
John Henckel

This program is a tool for solving algebra problems. Alged cannot solve the problem for you; you need to think. But it can relieve the tedium of working with large formulas, and it has rewrite rules to help simplify as you go. The Alged screen has a menu at the top and a work area at the bottom. You manipulate the formulas in the work area by clicking on parts of them and then clicking on the menu. Commands include: Simplify, Distribute, Calculate, Associate, Comm-Deno (create a common denominator), Poly-Coef (collect the coefficients of a polynomial), Poly-Div (polynomial division), FactPoly (factor a polynomial), Substitute, ExpJoin (join exponents of common base), etc.

(modified from the documentation)
Download [88 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.