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Timo Salmi
Professor of Accounting and Business Finance
School of Business Studies, University of Vaasa
P.O. BOX 297, SF-65101 Vaasa, Finland

A collection of seven programs:

  • BISE.EXE: Solution of f(x)=0 by the Bisection Method.
  • EQ2.EXE: Solution of systems of linear equations of 2 variables.
  • IC.EXE: Find the intercepts of a line with the axes.
  • LINE.EXE: Find the equation of a line given two points.
  • POLYR.EXE: Find the roots of a polynomial.
  • SECA.EXE: Solution of f(x)=0 by the Secant Method.
  • SINTEG.EXE: Integration of f(x) by Simpson's rule.
Download tsnum12.arc [103 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.