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Mathematics Plotting Programs
MPP3D Version 1.23
Howard Lewis Penn
Jim Buchanan and Frank Pittelli
United States Naval Academy

mpp.exe is a collection of 10 programs:

  1. MPP (Mathematics Plotting Program)
  2. Root (Root finding by Newton, bisection or secant)
  3. Integral (Evaluate with trapezoidal, Simpson, or Riemann sums)
  4. Slope (Definition of derivative illustration)
  5. Implicit (Including tangent lines)
  6. Infinite series (Plots terms or partial sums of infinite series)
  7. Contour (Plots up to 15 contour lines)
  8. Vector Field (Plots vector fields)
  9. Double integrals (Rec. or polar coor.)
  10. Triple integrals (Rec. cylindrical or spherical coor.)

mpp3d.exe is designed to plot surfaces and curves in 3-space. It was written by the principal author of MPP and shares many features with that program. The program will plot surfaces defined eleven different ways and space curves defined two ways.

  1. z=f(x,y)
  2. y=f(x,z)
  3. x=f(y,z)
  4. z=f(r,_) cylindrical coordinates
  5. p=f(_,_) spherical coordinates
  6. x=f(u,v), y=g(u,v), z=h(u,v) parametric surfaces
  7. y=f(x) rotated about y=c
  8. y=f(x) rotated about x=c
  9. x=g(y) rotated about y=c
  10. x=g(y) rotated about x=c
  11. Surface from a data file
  12. x=f(t), y=g(t), z=h(t) parametric space curve
  13. Space curve from a data file contains the documentation for both of the above programs and contains a large number of examples which can be called from these programs.

(modified from the documentation)

Download [248 KB] from the Mathematics Archives.

Download the documentation [36 KB] from the Mathematics Archives.

Download the collection of examples, [57 KB], from the Mathematics Archives.

Look at the readme file from the program.

Look at the citations for reviews for the program.