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Prof. Harley Flanders
4153 Cordgrass Inlet Dr.
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250-1826
Home Telephone: (904) 992 8470

MicroCalc is divided into three separate modules;

  1. Beginning Calculus (with 18 separate programs to graph functions, study limits, difference quotients, impilicit differentiation, Riemann sums, integration, solids of revolution, etc.)
  2. Intermediate Calculus (with 20 separate programs to utilize the bisection method, Newton-Raphson's method, graph polar curves, parametric curves, Taylor Polynomials, conic sections, differential equations, phase plane, systems of ODE's, etc.)
  3. Advanced Calculus (with 19 separate programs to graph functions of two variables, partial derivatives, contours, Lagrange multipliers, surfaces, multiple integrals, power series, trigonometric series, Laplace's equation, etc.)
Look at the citations for published reviews of the program.