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MAFIA (Math And Fun International Association)

Zvi Shippony
4822 Tilden Ave.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

A potpourri of programs; applications of various algorithms to give numerical solutions to various problems. Menu items include: Plot a given function, solve for a zero of a given function, find min/max point of a given function, compute a finite or infinite summation, evaluate a function for given argument(s), plot tabulated data points from a file, compute Weighted-Least-Square Fit of a given function, compute Weighted-Least-Square Fit for tabulated data points, take the product of two matrices, find the transpose and inverse of a matrix, rotate the vector A, solve system of N first order O.D.E.: Yi' = F(X,Yj) (i,j = 0,1,..,N-1), solve N-th order O.D.E., e.g: Y''' = F(X,Y0,Y1,Y2) (the method used for all I.C. problems is the Bulirsch_Stoer integration procedure with 4-th order Runge-Kutta step taken at points of non-convergence), a programable calculator, numerical integration of a function using iterative methods (Romberg's method, Adaptive Gauss-Legendre Quadrature), numerical integration of a function using various Gauss Quadratures (Legendre Quadrature, Chebyshev Quadrature, Laguerre Quadrature, Hermite Quadrature), and analytical integration of one of the functions stored in the intergration database.

Requires the use of some listing program and some plotting program. zlist.exe and plot.exe are provided.

The solutions of differential equations are written to a data file which can then be plotted.

Download [417 KB].

Look at the readme file from the program.