Interactive Mathematics Text Project

To quote from an early report written by Gerald Porter (Project Director) to the MAA Board of Governors:

"The Interactive Mathematics Text Project has as its goal the improvement of mathematics learning through the use of computer based interactive texts. To achieve this goal the IMTP holds summer workshops on the use and authoring of texts and supports selected individuals as text developers. Major funding for the IMTP comes from the IBM Corporation."

Funding was also received by the National Science Foundation and the Mathematical Association of America. The project involved having a series of workshops around the country focusing on designing interactive texts on a variety of platforms, including Maple, Mathematica, Mathcad, and Mathkit/Toolbook.

The Mathematics Archives wishes to showcase the results of IMTP. The moderator of this page will be contacting all the developers involved in this project for an updated description of each project and hopefully have samples or the complete collection of the projects.

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