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Windows/MSDos Software Collection

Public domain and shareware software for Windows/MSDOS computers on the Mathematics Archives has been organized by the mathematics courses in which they can be used. If the software is suitable for several classes, then it is placed in each of those categories. In addition, information on many commercial packages is also provided together with links to other sites which have additional information on the packages.


Choose one of the following subjects:

Advanced Calculus
Advanced Differential Equations
College Algebra
Complex Variables
Discrete Mathematics
Graphing Programs
Life Sciences
Linear and Matrix Algebra
Modern Algebra
Number Theory
Numerical Analysis
Numerical Partial Differential Equations
Ordinary Differential Equations
Partial Differential Equations

This collection is maintained by Larry Husch. If you know of any Windows/MSDOS programs which are not listed in this collection and which you think are useful in the teaching of mathematics, then write Larry.

You are invited to submit materials to be stored on the Mathematics Archives; this may include software, reviews of software or teaching materials utilizing technology. For more information on uploading materials, read this.

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