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Mathematics Archives Collection of Software, Abstracts and Reviews

For most of the software packages contained in the Mathematics Archives and for many commercial packages, there are abstracts, reviews, references to reviews, and the author's readme files. These materials are organized in four different ways:

1. First by platform and then by subject.
At the present time, there are two specific platforms in this category:

2. Interactive Texts.
Interactive texts are a new breed of media in which the reader uses a commercial package (such as Mathematica, Maple or Mathkit) to interact with an electronic text.

3. By packages.
The multi-platform category contains materials for a variety of platforms including UNIX machines. This area also contains mirrors of various sites and links to the original sites.

4. By subject.
At the present time, Life Sciences is the only subject in this area.
Links to Other Software Sites

Check out our WWW page which contains links to other software sites which contain packages of interest for mathematicians and which link lets you restrict the listing to computer platform and/or "level" of mathematics. You might prefer to examine the complete list of all software sites.

Software Databases

The Guide to Available Mathematical Software project of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) studies techniques to provide scientists and engineers with improved access to reusable computer software which is available to them for use in mathematical modeling and statistical analysis. One of the products of this work is an on-line cross-index of available mathematical software. This system also operates as a virtual software repository. That is, it provides centralized access to such items as abstracts, documentation, and source code of software modules that it catalogs; however, rather than operate a physical repository of its own, GAMS provides transparent access to multiple repositories operated by others.