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Former Project NExT Associate Director Gavin LaRose

Project NExT is a professional development program of the MAA for new or recent Ph.D.s in the mathematical sciences. It address all aspects of an academic career, with an emphasis on the teaching and learning of mathematics. There are over 1000 Fellows, from all 29 MAA Sections.
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Project NExT: New Jobs, New Responsibilities, New Ideas

Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) was begun in 1994 under the leadership of James R.C. (Jim) Leitzel and T. Christine (Chris) Stevens. Fellows participate in a year-long program that includes intense workshops and extensive face-to-face and on-line communication. Since 1994 there have been over 1000 Fellows, who have appeared in all capacities in the academic mathematical profession. Below we consider some different views of Project NExT and those who have been involved with it.

Project NExT Fellows have won teaching awards at their institutions, in their MAA Sections, and nationally (at least 9 Alder and 1 Haimo awards have been won by Project NExT Fellows). They have won awards for written exposition (at least 11 MAA awards for exposition in MAA articles), and been invited speakers at national meetings. They have served as governers of their Sections (at least 8) and in numerous other capacities in their Sections, including running Section NExTs.

The Leadership of Project NExT: The Leadership of Project NExT: Christine Stevens (St. Louis University) and Jim Leitzel founded Project NExT in 1994 and directed it until Jim Leitzel's death to cancer in 1998, after which Christine Stevens directed the program until 2009. Judith Covington (Louisiana State University Shreveport) and Gavin LaRose (University of Michigan) joined the team in 1997, and Joe Gallian (University of Minnesota Duluth) and Aparna Higgins (University of Dayton) came on board in 1998. Julie Barnes joined the team in 2010. Joe Gallian and Gavin LaRose rotated off the team in 2012. Matt DeLong and Steve Schlicker joined the team in 2012.

Aparna Higgins (University of Dayton) has been the director since 2009. The current leadership team is composed of Aparna Higgins, Judith Covington, Julie Barnes, Matt DeLong and Steve Schlicker.

Views of Project NExT
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