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Project NExT Director Aparna Higgins

Project NExT is a professional development program of the MAA for new or recent Ph.D.s in the mathematical sciences. It address all aspects of an academic career, with an emphasis on the teaching and learning of mathematics. Other information is available on applying to be a Project NExT Fellow.
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Project NExT: New Jobs, New Responsibilities, New Ideas

Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) is a professional development program for new or recent Ph.D.s in the mathematical sciences (including pure and applied mathematics, statistics, operations research, and mathematics education). It addresses all aspects of an academic career: improving the teaching and learning of mathematics, engaging in research and scholarship, and participating in professional activities. It also provides the participants with a network of peers and mentors as they assume these responsibilities.

The 2014-2015 Project NExT Fellows will participate in:

At these workshops and other Project NExT sessions throughout the year, Fellows will explore and discuss issues that are of special relevance to beginning faculty, such as: To give an idea of how the Project NExT program addresses these issues, see the workshop program (PDF;25K) from last year's Project NExT workshop. The Fellows will also have an opportunity to meet with Fellows who began the program in previous years.

Eligibility: Faculty for whom the 2014-2015 academic year will be the first or second year of full-time teaching at the college/university level (after receiving the Ph.D.) are invited to apply to become Project NExT Fellows. Approximately 80 Project NExT Fellows will be selected for the 2014-2015 Fellowship year. Applications for each group of Project NExT Fellows are accepted in the spring.

Cost: There is no fee for participation in Project NExT itself, and Fellows will be provided with meals at the Project NExT Workshop in Portland. Fellows also do not have to pay for the special short courses at the summer Mathfest that are organized by Project NExT. Institutions employing the Project NExT Fellows are expected to provide all other expenses associated with the meetings. Assurances of institutional support are of critical importance in the application process.

Questions about eligibility, cost, or how to apply: Please see the information page about applications to be a Project NExT Fellow, and the applicant FAQ.

Project NExT Background Information
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