Making Things Real

Peter Jessup,
Roger Coleman

Ursinus College
Collegeville PA 19426,

Grant Number: DUE: 9451880
Grant Number: DUE: 9552311

As an outcome of two ILI laboratory equipment grants -- one in Mathematics (statistics) (DUE-9552311) and the other in biology (DUE-9451880)-- the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and The Department of Biology have created a new biostatistics minor. Both ILI grants were for laboratory computer equipment so that students could gain hands on problem solving experience in data analysis. At the same time, the departments saw the need for cooperative efforts with local industry. Our new interdisciplinary minor emphasizes hands on experience, problem solving skills and directed student research in cooperation with local industry. Our minor includes biology and statistics courses, a research component, internships with local industry and a computer science component.

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