Portable CAS Laboratories

Lillie R.F. Crowley

Lexington Community College
Cooper Drive
Lexington, KY 40506-0235

Darrell H. Abney

Maysville Community College
1755 U.S. 68
Maysville, KY 41056

Daniel J. Curtin

Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, KY 41076

Rodger Hammons

Morehead State University
Morehead KY

Grant Number: DUE: 9651142

A consortium of six colleges in the University of Kentucky Community College System, Northern Kentucky University and Morehead State University are pursuing the use of the graphing calculator/computer TI-92 in calculus and precalculus courses. The project was kicked off by a week long workshop at Northern Kentucky University during May, 1996. The classroom sets of the TI-92i's funded by the grant, NSF DUE 96-51142, are being used in various ways at the different institutions. Some colleges use them as actual portable classrooms, and take the sets to their classes at off-campus sites lacking access to computer laboratories. Other institutions, including Lexington Community College and Northern Kentucky University, loan or check them out to students for the semester duration of the course. These calculus students at Lexington Community College report that the calculators are enormously useful in their physics classes. The collaborating group feels that these calculators with computer algebra system capabilities will soon be widely available to students at a nominal cost, and are excited at this opportunity to explore their capabilities now.

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