Contributions of an Instructional Computing Lab

Dr.Allen Back

Cornell Math Instructional Computing Lab
Department of Mathematics
White Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

Grant Number: DUE: 9451440

Visualization, symbolic and numerical computing enhance the undergraduate mathematical experience. Key for the successful integration of computer components is software support and the generation of usable materials. The Cornell Mathlab has had successful experiences supporting computation in math major courses such as differential equations, linear algebra, teaching of mathematics, discrete mathematics, multivariable calculus and geometry. In many cases, materials available for sharing with others (e.g. at the web site have been generated. In other cases the lab has served as a teaching laboratory for faculty producing and testing educational software. The lab has also been a very fine site since its inception for REU programs where students use computation in many forms to get more involved in mathematics. Computer support has also been a great asset for non-major mathematical enrichment courses such as statuistics, and math explorations in areas ranging from projective geometry and fractals to music. Our poster presentation will survey this range of activities, and highlight some of the experiences that may be most transferable to other institutions.

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