Mathematica Throughout the Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum

Ed Packel and
Dave Yuen

Lake Forest College
555 N. Sheridan Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045 and

Grant Number: DUE: 9552095

In its second ILI grant, Lake Forest College is building on the fact that all calculus sections already make significant use of Mathematica. Having run a Mathematica faculty workshop in the Summer of 1995, we are now in the process of making appropriate use of Mathematica in second year and upper level courses. In addition to creating laboratory materials, this includes preparing presentation materials in the form of Mathematica notebooks and designing group assignments that make effective use of the technology. Courses beyond the first year that are involved so far include multivariable calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, mathematical modelling, and probability and statistics.

Equipment supporting the project includes Power Macintosh 7100's in a large (16 computer) lab, a small (2 computer) tutoring and resource center. All four mathematics classrooms are also equipped with similar computers plus display equipment. As an institutional support action, Lake Forest College has purchased Power Macintoshes for mathematics faculty offices. All computers are networked to facilitate effective use and allow easy student access to lab and course materials.

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