Using an Instructional/Explorations Laboratory
to Improve Introductory Level Mathematics

Joyce H. Saxon,
C. Rodger Hammons,
Lloyd Jaisingh,
Robert Lindahl, and
Daniel Seth

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Morehead State University
Morehead, Kentucky 40351

Grant Number: DUE: 9451338

This model for improving instruction of introductory-level courses (College Algebra, Statistics, through Calculus I included three components:

  1. enhanced classroom instruction,
  2. laboratory exploration modules, and
  3. writing activities focused procedure and concept communication.
The goals were to improve understanding of mathematics and interest in mathematics; thus, increasing retention rates, performance, and attitudes of beginning students in mathematics.

The presenter will share the instructional and evaluational methods used in this project, including sample laboratory modules and two published laboratory texts. Copies of the final report for this project with data analyses related to the goals will be available.

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